Activity Arrangement

Activity Arrangement

Significant Activities

Significant Activities


2020 SCO Modern Agricultural Development Round-table Conference

National Agricultural Sci-tech Parks Summit Forum

2020 Poverty Alleviation (Yangling) Forum


Thematic Activities

The 4th Yangling International Seed Industry Innovation Forum

2020 Yangling International Agricultural Scientific and Technological Forum

2020 Yangling Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum

Cross-border E-commerce Industry Forum

2020 National Annual Conference for Local Financial Forum

The7th National Agricultural and Meteorological Forum

Western China International Fruit Industry Development Forum

The 1st Session of Shaanxi Provincial Youth Business Development Competition of Rural Revitalization

The Live Streaming Shopping Festival of Poverty Alleviation and Support for Farmers

The 4th China High-class Apple Contest Finals

Consulting and Training on “Agriculture, Rural, Farmers”

Other Supporting Activities